What Is an Internet Assessor Job?

What Is an Internet Assessor Job


Twenty-first century technology has ushered in a variety of jobs previous generations never could have dreamed of holding. One such position is an Internet assessor job. Would you make a good Internet assessor? Take a look at what is involved:

The Work of Internet Assessors

The title may read “Internet assessor,” “search evaluator,” “ads quality rater,” or “Internet judge,” but the basic job is the same. As Google (one of the main places that hires for these positions, though usually through crowdsourcing firms) puts it, “Search evaluation is the process of measuring the quality of our search results and our users’ experience with search.” What might seem like a good match to a computer program may not actually provide the reader with comprehensive, relevant, or accurate information.

Thus, an actual human trained to provide feedback and ratings about what comes up–an Internet assessor– helps designers improve the quality of results to ensure users are being directed to what they want.

Internet Assessor Job Qualifications

A bachelor’s degree is preferable, and demonstration of solid time-management skills is a plus. Some positions may require familiarity with certain social media platforms or types of software. Companies usually require workers to have their own personal computer, broadband Internet connection, and smartphone.

Applicants proficient in a foreign language have a huge advantage, though some English-only positions exist. The reason is that evaluators need to think like the search-engine user the company is targeting in each case. For instance, if improving the browsing experience of Chinese speakers in the United States is the goal, assessors need to be familiar with Chinese language and culture in order to adequately determine how results will be viewed by that audience. Some positions have residency requirements, meaning you must live in the country being studied for a specified amount of time.

Training for Search Evaluation Roles

Being a creative thinker who is comfortable navigating the web will attract employers. Then, you’ll need to demonstrate ability and effort. Candidates showing promise typically are provided with lengthy guidelines and procedures to study and webinars to complete in preparation for a skills test. Those who do well on this evaluation are accepted to take on assignments.

The Benefits

Flexibility! Most Internet assessors are independent contractors who work at home and set their own schedules. The extensive opportunities available to bilingual candidates can make this type of work particularly attractive to Americans living or studying abroad.

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